Abby Lee Miller Promotes Her Former Dancers Before Her Fraud Sentencing; State Demands Miller To Be Locked Up In Jail

Abby Lee Miller's fraud sentencing has finally arrived and she might be hearing a bad news with more people wanting to see her go to prison. A leaked filing reportedly reveal the state's appeal to have Miller locked up in jail longer than 30 days. Meanwhile, Miller is making the most of her time before she goes to court by promoting her former "Dance Moms" students on her social media account.

The 50-year-old owner of the ALDC is about to step to the court on Monday to hear her fate, following her multiple fraud cases. While Abby Lee Miller and her representatives plan to request for a probation, the state now joins the side of the prosecutors who are requesting for her to be locked up for at least two years.

An initial report stated that Abby Lee Miller can be thrown behind the bars for only thirty days and will be demanded to pay for her fines. However, a filing states that the United States attorney sees Miller's case very similar to a certain Michael J. Free who was also found guilty of fraud and was given a sentence to serve two years of jail time.

Free is said to have hidden several guns and failed to declare their location. He reportedly took extreme measures to conceal the assets and ignored the Trustee's warning to disclose them. Following his crime's nature, the state reportedly sees Abby Lee Miller's case duplicating Free's lies and deserves to get the same sentencing as the latter's.

Abby Lee Miller has reportedly intended to declare bankruptcy and hid all of her revenues. The state claims that she tried to conceal her bank accounts which caused loss to her creditors. Miller's legal team was, however, quick to respond to the appeal, arguing that the government has no proof to such accusation. Also, the lawyers debated the absence of harm to a victim which should make the dance guru free from a more severe punishment that she does not deserve.

The ALDC owner was scheduled to appear before the judge on May 8 to hear her final sentencing for her 20 counts of a fraud case. The reality star begged the judge to go easy on her as she feels nervous about life behind the bars.

Meanwhile, Abby Lee Miller previously talked about keeping herself busy to forget her fears on going to jail. Her Instagram account can prove how busy she was where she even promoted two of her former "Dance Moms" students, Brynn Rumfallo and Maddie Ziegler.

Abby posted over the weekend a photo of her holding a Maddie-Ziegler-covered magazine. The captioned revealed that Maddie talked about her time on "Dance Moms" which Abby seemingly appreciated and placed a hashtag #aldcproud. Some commenters were however not convinced about the sincerity of Miller's post, asking her to stop bothering her so-called protégé.

Brynn Rumfallo was also a subject of Miller's two posts where the coach announced about the former Elites' upcoming leotard designs. Brynn stayed with Abby Lee Miller on their last days on "Dance Moms" season 7B as she joined the Minis to the competitions while the Elites went to another studio with Chloe Lukasiak. The renewed Minis team were however disbanded upon Abby Lee Miller's resignation from "Dance Moms" but are reportedly coming back to join their dance coach on a new show.

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