'Pokemon GO' Server Outages Hint At New Upcoming Features

Pokemon GO has been experiencing a handful of issues lately. Now, it seems the official servers are down, preventing players from logging in. Obviously, this is not something that the community would just want to sit down with.

According to Express, fans are having a hard time logging into Pokemon GO lately. Many thought that it had something to do with their own connection, but it appears to be a technical issue from Niantic's side. The game just does not load and greets fan with an authentication error, something that happens from time to time when connectivity issues arise.

It is worth noting, though, that the outage is not affecting all fans of the game worldwide. Nonetheless, the issue seems to be pretty much worse for the Pokemon Trainer Club members. These outages are even said to be heavier in areas such as Europe, Malaysia, and Japan. As of this writing, Niantic has yet to come forward and reveal any information about the server outages.

However, as reported by Pokemon GO Hub, the said outage has something to do with the new anti-botting and anti-tracking measures, which have just been recently introduced by the company. The only catch, though, is that the studio did not confirm or deny this; hence, many are still wondering what the probable cause could be.

While the Pokemon GO outage appears to be a bad thing, many believe it is actually good news. Daily Star points out that this could only mean that Niantic is working on the two of the features mentioned above. It is believed that all PTC accounts in Pokemon GO are being updated with new flags so that Niantic could track bots in a much easier way.

It holds true that bots have been exploiting the game ever since. Many have complained about it in the past, and it seems the studio is indeed working on a fix. If the reports are true, then it is interesting to see what changes Niantic will introduce.

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