AMD Ryzen Threadripper Will Offer 16 Cores And 32 Threads, Confirms Release This Summer

It's official! AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper will bring 16 cores and 32 thread monster feature to the CPUs of any desktop.The confirmed release date of this most-awaited AMD product is set for this summer. Here are more details about the merchandise.

AMD already confirmed the existence of its Ryzen Threadripper at its Financial Analyst 2017 day. Only a few information about the new chip were released, but one thing for sure is that the new Ryzen Threadripper will have 16 cores, 32 threads and will be produced on an “all-new HEDT platform.” The release is set for this coming summer, according to Digital Trends.

Last May 15, rumors on other Threadripper processors are leaked but AMD has not yet given any official comments yet. If the leaked news for AMD’s upcoming R9 Threadripper CPUs is true, it could mean that the firm created the most powerful desktop processors ever in the history. With up to 16 cores and support for faster memory compared to Intel’s upcoming Core i9 CPUs, AMD will surely capture the performance crown for the first time in almost straight 15 years.

Still, according to the leaked news, the entire Threadripper lineup will be codenamed as SP3r2. The list is expected to be compatible with a revamped version of the SP3 socket designed for its Naples server components. In addition to that, the chips are also said to be large for AM4 chipsets, which were unveiled along with AMD's Ryzen 7 and 5 support earlier in 2017.

As reported by CNET, AMD will release detailed information for the upcoming Ryzen Threadripper at Computex next week. However, on its presentation today to financial analysts, AMD presented an outline and edge of each of the upcoming product. In fact, the firm's show highlighted all the buzzy stuff in order to impress the critics, especially Wall Street.


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