'Overwatch' Free-To-Play On Memorial Day; Readies Anniversary Event Next Week

Blizzard has finally confirmed that it will hold its anniversary event next week. It will be an Overwatch free-to-play on Memorial Day as the video game celebrates its first year anniversary. The event will kick off on May 23 and will last until June 12.

Gamers Can Play Overwatch For Free

Those who still don't own a copy of Overwatch will have their chance to play the game for free on the weekend of May 26 to 29. The game will be available on those dates on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Blizzard hasn't given any details on what exactly gamers can expect on this free-to-play on Memorial Day.

However, some observers believe that Blizzard will commemorate Overwatch's first year anniversary in its usual way. That means the game publisher might introduce new character skins, victory poses, emotes, re-skinned maps and other related things. Apparently, Blizzard will make available the game's roster of 24 heroes and 14 maps during that weekend.

They Can Choose To Play In Different Game Modes

Gamers will be able given the option to play Overwatch in several modes such as the Arcade, Custom Games, and Quick Play. They will also be able to earn Loot Boxes, level up and unlock several customization options. Perhaps there will also be some cosmetic items that players can collect in this Memorial Day free-to-play event.

Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition Will Be Launched Next Week

To satisfy the appetite of fans for more information, Jeff Kaplan, assured that the company is planning to release more details about its first-year anniversary event throughout the week. There are rumors that Blizzard will also release Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition in the event next week.

This Overwatch edition contains the base game, some additional skins and ten bonus Loot Boxes. The skins that come in this version include that of Slipstream Tracer, Security Chief Pharah, Overgrown Bastion, Strike Commander Morrison and Blackwater Reyes. These items have already been made available to those who have pre-ordered the game.

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