'Overwatch' Prepares Three New Maps For Upcoming Event

With the Overwatch Anniversary on the way, Blizzard has teased some of the new content that will arrive with it. In line with this, it seems like there will also be a new game mode judging by data mined information.

New Maps Coming To Overwatch Soon

According to GameSpot, Blizzard has teased some of the new maps for their first-person shooter. The game's official Twitter account stated that the new areas are "coming soon" as part of the upcoming anniversary. The new maps seem to be different areas from currently existing areas like Dorado, Temple of Anubis and Eichenwald.

Blizzard also used the term "Arena maps" to describe the new areas which hint at a potential new Arena mode that isn't in the game at the moment. One map, Ecopoint: Antarctica, is a special and smaller map where 1v1 and 3v3 fights take place. It is unsure if the upcoming areas will act like the aforementioned area or be a completely different stage all on its own.

Possible New Game Mode On The Way?

Blizzard has yet to reveal the further details about their upcoming maps nor modes. However, some fans went through some of the previously data mined voices and found some interesting things, as per PVP Live. To begin with, there is a clip of Athena saying "Welcome to the Arena" along with other terminologies like "Challenger" and "Gladiator."

Those who are familiar with World of Warcraft's Arena system know that Gladiator and Challenger refer to specific ranks in progression. Incidentally, there are also data mined voice lines of characters talking about treasure and near gear. With this in mind, the possible new mode might reward players with items after dueling.

For now, fans will just to wait for further news about the new things Blizzard has in store for the game. The Overwatchanniversary event will officially begin on May 23 up to June 12.

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