Bungie Shares 'Destiny 2' Console And PC Framerate Details

Ever since "Destiny 2" was first announced and eventually revealed through a series trailers, gamers have postulated about its framerate. Some speculations hinted that the sequel would run at 60fps when it comes out. The original game ran at 30fps, and the graphics were already quite eye-catching for most gamers, but a bump to a higher framerate will further improve reaction time and overall presentation. However, after the official gameplay reveal event finished it was reportedly confirmed that console versions of the game would be locked at 30fps.

PC gamers, on the other hand, will get to enjoy "Destiny 2" with an unlocked framerate as well as support for up to 4K resolutions. Destiny podcaster Teftinity 2 officially confirmed that console gamers would have to settle for 30fps. Game Rant notes that it also means PS4 Pro and eventual Project Scorpio gamers will not get a 60fps advantage over the current gen models. Players' reactions were allegedly a mix of utter disappointment and indifference. It seems that a lot of fans were really invested in the idea of a higher framerate for the sci-fi shooter sequel.

While the framerate issue has certainly ticked off some long-time "Destiny" players, the gameplay reveal showcased several new features that were warmly accepted by the fans. The team-based shooter's sequel features new worlds for guardians to explore and these appear to have a more open-world approach. Players will get to experience new subclasses along with new skills and super attacks to crush their enemies. This time around all matches in the crucible is limited to 4 players per side.

IGN has reported that PC version of "Destiny 2" will be available through Battle.net, which surprised a lot of fans. Other than an unlocked frame rate and higher resolution graphics, the PC version will also feature a more detailed settings screen and an adjustable field of view.

It seems like "Destiny 2" players on PC will get to enjoy better framerates and advantages in graphics over console players. However, it has been speculated that the PC version of the game will launch a bit later than the other platforms. PC gamers were also caught by surprise when the developers confirmed that it would not be available on Steam. The sequel is scheduled to launch for the PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 28, 2017, with the PC version hopefully around the same time as well.

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