'Destiny 2' Details New Subclasses And Abilities

It has been speculated that "Destiny 2" will feature new powers and subclasses. Fans of the sci-fi shooter have suggested that would be the case since story trailers hinted about the guardians losing their power. Even before the official gameplay reveal event started a reported leak already announced some of the changes to the characters powers and subclasses. Bungie then officially confirmed these rumors during its presentation as the original guardian classes get all new subclasses each.

In "Destiny 2" Bungie appears to have offered something fresh for veteran "Destiny" players. Each guardian class will now have a new subclass that offers new skills and super attacks for gamers to master. Each of the new subclasses was highlighted during the gameplay reveal event. Game Rant notes that the some of the previous subclasses from the original game will not be carried over to "Destiny 2". This probably explains why Bungie announced that there wouldn't be anything carried over from the first game except for the character models.

Hunter Class Changes

Hunters in "Destiny 2" are getting the Arcstrider subclass, which replaces the original Bladedancer in the first game. The gameplay trailer highlighted the character's new super ability gives the Hunter an electrified staff which can be used to melee multiples enemies as once. The Gunslinger subclass also makes a return and features some new abilities like a dodge move that automatically reloads your weapons or another dodge move that generates melee energy when enemies are in close proximity. The Golden Gun also gets a tweak and this time allows users to fire off up to six shots.

Titan Class Changes

The Titans have lost the Defender subclass and receive a new one called the Sentinel. The new abilities granted by the subclass give players both an offensive and defensive option. Titans call upon a void shield that can block different attacks from enemies similar to the relics used in the original game. The shield can also be thrown towards a group of enemies and just like Captain America's own shield, reports Twinfinite. In "Destiny 2", the Striker subclass also gets some changes that allow the Titans to continuously perform Fist of Havoc while their super is activated and they can also perform a shoulder charge consistently.

Warlock Class Changes

The Sunsinger subclass gets replaced with the new Dawnblade, which allows them to float longer mid-air and unleash devastating flame projectiles. Warlocks can also strike down enemies using their flaming sword and even execute a ground pound attack that does area damage. The "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal has not yet offered more information about the remaining subclasses for the Warlocks.

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