'Overwatch' Season 2 To Bring Back Animated Shorts

A whole new season of animated shorts is coming to Overwatch following the opening of Year 2 for the game. Blizzard has also promised to delve into the under-represented characters hinting that it might also release more comics.

Blizzard has yet to reveal any new animated short since Sombra's infiltration back at BlizzCon. Even so, the team is still hard at work developing new lore for the said medium. According to Polygon, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that more shorts are in the works. He stated that the team has the most fun when crafting animation as they can dig out the stories without worrying about gameplay restraints.

"We plan to tell more of those. We're hard at work on more of those," Kaplan continued. In line with this, it seems like the Overwatch cinematics have been split into seasons with "Infiltration" being the start of Season 2. The touching story of "The Last Bastion" premiered last August at Gamescom and was the last cinematic for the first season.

Before that, Blizzard released four shorts starring Hanzo, Genji, Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston and Soldier: 76. There are still numerous heroes who have yet to get their spotlight, but Blizzard has been focusing on other media aside from cinematics. It has also released its fair share of comics that focused on characters like Symmtera and Ana.

Similarly, Kaplan also stated that he worries about characters like Symmtera and Pharah who are more under-represented, unlike the other characters, as per Comicbook. He feels as though the team can still do more with the Indian architect and they already have big plans for the Egyptian soldier.

Representation and diversity have always played a significant role in the game, so it seems fitting that Blizzard distributes the spotlight for each character. For now, fans will just have to wait for the big plans Blizzard has for their characters in Overwatch.

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