AMD 16-Core 'Threadripper' vs Intel X299 And Skylake X: Clash Of New High-End Gaming CPUs

Intel and AMD are two of the best and most well-known American companies that are focusing on CPU upgrades. With their new released flagships, Intel and AMD are about to clash for the title of being a high-end gaming CPU chip. In fact, the latest AMD 16-Core Threadripper desktop CPUs will battle with Intel's X299 and Skylake X.

The previous rumors are true, AMD is indeed planning a new range of high-end CPUs with even higher cores than the current Ryzen 7 range. Note that its existing Ryzen 7 is already featuring eight cores and 16 threads. Meanwhile, the latest Threadripper is said to have 16 core and 32 threads, that's double the capability of the predecessor.

According to Forbes, Threadripper is due for release this coming summer and it will take on Intel's X299 and Skylake X. While Intel's X299 will feature support for the imminent processor families codenamed as Skylake X and Kaby Lake X, AMD's new release will still include Threadripper. Skylake X and Kaby Lake X processors will be hitting retail on 26th of June and will also be available in various SKUs.

The tech market, especially the high-end desktop portion, is set to become a new battleground for all the PC enthusiast, according to PC Gamer. AMD is busy building its Threadripper, on the other hand, Intel is staying on the expected path with just a few minor tweaks. And the company plans to announce their HEDT X299 platform on 30th of May at Computex.

Additional to that, AMD also announced a new data center CPU, which is called as EPYC. Lisa Su, AMD's President and CEO took to the stage of an event to reveal the new CPU with 32-core, 64-thread and supports 128 PCI-E lanes. Aside from that it also 16 channel DDR4 memory via 32 DIMMs and assists for dual-socket as well with an Infinity Fabric-coherent connections for two EPYC CPUs.


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