Microsoft Debunks Project Scorpio Game Quality Parity Control Speculations

With just a few more weeks left until E3 2017, Microsoft's new flagship gaming system is still dubbed Project Scorpio. The manufacturer continues to successfully keep the juicy details about its new system away from the public. The new console was officially announced last year during E3, but its key specs were just revealed a few months ago. The new platform's game development parity continues to draw interest as the game show draws closer.

According to reports, some key members of the Project Scorpio development team have shared some details about the parity in game development. It was previously rumored that Microsoft imposed a rule that developers should make sure that the Xbox One and Scorpio games should have some parity. Game Rant confirms that this is not the case as Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra reveals in a social media post. It seems that the decision depends entirely on the developers.

The information about the quality parity requirement is quite important for gamers. It actually means that developers can choose to develop games for the Project Scorpio that could have technological advantages over the Xbox One version. This notion actually cements Microsoft's claims that its new game system deserves the label as a next-gen platform. It has been rumored that the Scorpio will launch with a substantial price tag and top-shelf performance is definitely going to be expected by consumers.

Microsoft is preparing to promote the Project Scorpio as "the most powerful console ever made." With that in mind, it would be counterintuitive if the manufacturer imposes some kind of quality parity requirement for its games. Since all Xbox One games will run on the new platform, it is up to the developer to have it run better on the Scorpio. Gamespot also notes that devs are also allowed to make the Scorpio editions perform and look better, just like on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Just like the recent report about Destiny 2, it was confirmed that all console versions of the sci-fi shooter would be locked at 30fps. Even the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio will be limited to the established frame rate parity set by the developer. Meanwhile, other speculations claim that Microsoft will share more information about the Scorpio before E3 2017 comes around.

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