'Destiny 2' Update: Interesting Stuff Gamers Might Have Missed During Bungie's Gameplay Reveal

A week ago, fans of the sci-fi shooter Destiny finally got to see the official gameplay reveal for its sequel. The live stream event was full of new Destiny 2 information and details that obviously excited a lot of veteran players. Bungie showcased the Guardian's new subclasses and their abilities. The sequel's story and plot were also showcased and confirmed most of the fan speculations.

New Exotic Rocket Launcher

Prior to the official gameplay reveal of Destiny 2, fans have already suspected that Bungie has some unreleased exotic weapons that might be included in the sequel. Game Rant reports that the Dubious Volley was an exotic rocket launcher that showed up in the Destiny database. It was rumored to come out together with the Rise of Iron expansion, but it never happened. Fans were able to witness a similar looking rocket launcher during the gameplay live stream.

New Vehicles

Gamers pointed out that the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal videos showcase tanks. A few times during the video stream, players can see guardians fighting alongside the heavily armored vehicles. However, it was never confirmed if gamers can pilot one or if it is just an AI-controlled ally in some story missions or strikes. Meanwhile, a recent screenshot reportedly shows the tank from a third-person viewpoint, which could mean it is player-controlled.

The Speaker

During the first story mission, players will get to fight alongside the Vanguard, Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and everyone's favorite Cayde-6. During the gameplay reveal live stream, players get to move around the ruins of the Tower. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Destiny 2 players will find that the speaker is no longer there along with a big chunk of the familiar structure that houses him. It has been speculated that he might have died during the attacks, but Bungie has not confirmed anything.

New Swords

The gameplay build of Destiny 2 showcased some new swords that players can use in the game. The weapons were previously added in The Taken King expansion. Gamers were able to spot a new katana-design sword wielded by Guardian in the trailer.

Lord Shaxx And His Raze-Lighter

A leaked production description for an upcoming Mega Bloks set describes Lord Shaxx fighting against the Cabal in the Tower Hanger. He was also reportedly using the exotic sword Raze-Lighter against the enemy. An image taken from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event shows him with the sword on his back standing watch over some refugees.

No More Grimoire Cards

A very recent Destiny 2 report has also confirmed that Bungie has done away with the Grimoire Cards. During the gameplay reveal event, the developer claims that all story-related content and lore will be kept in-game.

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