Apple Is Targeting Android Users To Switch To iPhone With New Ads

Apple has begun releasing a new iPhone advertising campaign focused on the potential switchers who currently use Android smartphones. Apple highlighted its excellent performance, camera quality, sequestration and other factors, as well as features, that will give appeal to possible new iPhone consumers. This simply means that Apple just launched a new attack on Google Android.

Apple's new ad campaign currently includes five short clips. Each clip compares user's iPhone experience through its different uses and feature, which include music, speed, images, and much more. Aside from that, Apple has also renewed its microsite adjacent to the new campaign in order to turn Android users into iPhone owners.

According to BGR, Apple's new page is dedicated to switchers for them to understand more about why life is easier using iPhone. It comprises the usual posts, including Apple assuring possible Android switchers that it is really easy to migrate all of their big and significant data over to the iOS world. “iPhone has industry-leading satisfaction rates,” the site said.

Aside from Apple being busy on their upcoming devices, they are also back in the business of trying to lure consumers to switch to its products from a rival program. The colorful website also includes a link where to buy an iPhone, as well as answers to questions concerning why people should switch from Android to iOS.

Apple has targeted Android users before with a separate web page, according to Business Insider. The website has been taken down eventually due to unknown reasons and Apple didn't have the chance to explain it. In fact, two years ago, the Cupertino-based company released an app called "Move to iOS for Android," which was designed in order to help switchers decide. Apple's app is already available in Google Play Store and it securely transfers any content from an Android device to iOS.


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