‘Overwatch’ League Announces Overwatch Contenders Tournament For Aspiring Pros

Last November, Blizzard revealed that it is launching a developmental league for Overwatch. It seems that things are coming to fruition with its recent announcement that North American and European gamers are set to have a tournament this summer called Overwatch Contenders. As in all events of this type, gamers stand to win cash prizes.

This Tournament Will Provide High-Level Competition, And Prizes Too

It seems that this Overwatch Contenders tournament is also designed to attract professional teams who are seeking to fill out their rosters. This event will also provide high-level competition to interested game teams and aspiring players. Newbies will have their chance to get the attention of top-tier Overwatch League teams looking for fresh talents.

In a press release, Blizzard invited gamers to compete with the best in the West both from North America and Europe. Blizzard explains that this Overwatch League tournament will be an open sign-up, online-only qualifier that seeks to find the top eight teams in these two Western regions. A prize pool of $50,000 US dollars will be available for each of these tournaments.

Blizzard also revealed that they have seen top level competitions at Overwatch Pacific Championship in the Asia-Pacific region and at Overwatch Apex in South Korea. The company said it wants to bring that level of competition to the West, hence, the Overwatch Contenders tournament.

Teams From Asia Will Compete With Teams From America

Apparently, Blizzard intends that the teams Envy and Rogue from South Korea will join the top six teams in North America to compete in season one of Overwatch Contenders. The four top teams will advance to the playoffs with a cash prize pool of $100,000 US dollars. It will be the same Overwatch League tournament system for their European counterparts with the same prize pool.

Amidst all of these Overwatch Contenders plans, a Blizzard rep says that they don't have any additional information to reveal right now with regards to Overwatch League. But he assured fans that since a feeder league is being set up for the Big Show, it follows that the Big Show is really coming up.

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