'Minecraft' On Nintendo Switch Lacks One Vital Feature

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch has its perks but also lacks one important feature for teamwork. Incidentally, the developers are still looking for a solution to the 1080p docked issue.

The iconic sandbox game has finally made its way to the Switch along with a few goodies from Nintendo. Fans can enjoy building and craft on the TV and also take the creations where they want to go in handheld mode. While this version of the game comes with many perks, it is missing the in-game audio chat.

The Switch edition of the game has local multiplayer where friends can play together side by side. However, when the game released back in 2012 on the Xbox 360, Forbes states that in-game audio chat was a major feature for when fans played online. With this mode of communication, fans could easily coordinate what they were going to build and the other activities they planned in their world. Even so, the local co-op feature is still a great way for fans to connect with each other in Minecraft despite the missing feature.

That aside, Destructoid reports that Switch players have been getting "ghosting issues" wherein the Home and screenshot buttons would randomly work without actually using it. Luckily, the problem seems to have been patched in the latest update. However, the developers are still trying to work on a patch for the 1080p docket issue.

Right now, the game is only 720p regardless whether fans play on the TV or in handheld mode. It seems like Microsoft is still working on the concept of portable and TV modes so trying to switch between them has created some unexpected challenges.

Fans will just have to wait for more news about when will Microsoft get around to fixing this problem. Until then, fans can enjoy Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch now by purchasing it on the eShop.

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