'Sonic Forces' Lets Players Bring Their Characters To Life

The upcoming Sonic Forces will let players create and customize their own avatar which they can use in the game. The next title seems to take inspiration from previous titles in the series - specifically Generations.

One common complaint fans have been expressing in the series is the lack of fresh and new characters. Most players are tired of the same character rehashing that mainly revolves around Sonic and his squad along with other characters like Vector the Crocodile or Espio the Chameleon. Now, however, it seems like Sega is finally letting fans take over as they can build their own characters, as per The Verge.

Despite being a platformer, Sonic Forces offers a robust toolset for customization. Fans are not only limited to creating hedgehogs as they can craft other animals like dogs, bears, birds, rabbits, cats and wolves. However, the diversity is not merely for show as each race has their own abilities. For instance, birds can double jump while wolves can suck in any nearby rings.

Fans can also customize their creations with hundreds of clothes and accessories for their own personal style. The series has gathered its own respective fan following of artists and fanfiction writers, so it seems like this game is more or less reaching out to them.

That aside, it looks like the main gameplay is drawing inspiration from the more classic titles. According to Engadget, Sega released a new gameplay video that reflects the same style as Generations. The title as mentioned above was generally well reviewed as it aimed to bring both the new and modern elements of the series but critics claimed that the title felt like a "jack of all trades."

With this in mind, it seems like those who enjoyed Generations can look forward to the upcoming game. Sonic Forces will be released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this holiday 2017.

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