iPad Pro vs MacBook: Which Apple Product Suits Your Needs?

Lightweight gadgets are the trend nowadays. Aside from that, consumers prefer devices that are easy to bring and that have a battery that can last more than the usual. Currently, two of the greatest and most lightweight gadgets are Apple's iPad Pro and the latest MacBook. However, the question is, which Apple product will be suited for everyone's need?

The Price

The 256GB 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro starts at $999, according to ZDNet. Adding accessories to it such as the Smart Keyboard will cost you an extra pay of $169. That means, all in all, for a consumer to get the full sized keyboard and the iPad Pro model, he must have at least $1168.

On the other hand, the latest Apple MacBook starts at $1299 for the 256GB with 8GB memory. Doing some math arithmetic, the price has no critical difference to the iPad Pro since it is just less than 10 percent more. Aside from that, with the MacBook laptop, you can upgrade to a very fast 500GB SSD and m3 Intel processor.

The Weight

The combination of a 12.9-inch iPad and Smart Keyboard weighs in at 2.33 pounds. That is more than 1 Kg in approximation. While the MacBook comes in at 2.03 pounds, which is just 0.93 Kg. Therefore, when talking about the lighter device, the MacBook is the winner.

The Display

The iPad Pro beats the MacBook with its 264 dpi versus 226 dpi. Nevertheless, both Apple products have lens implants, thanks to their Retina displays. Both displays are excellent but iPad Pro is the real winner here.

The Verdict

According to CultOfMac, there is a big possibility that iPad Pro can replace the latest Apple MacBook. The fact that the cost of an iPad Pro plus the Smart Keyboard can get a user such a real computer that runs not just multiple operating systems but also pro applications is a really great deal.

In addition to that, Apple Pencil may also work with the iPad Pro but not on the MacBook. However, a full-experience on functions of a real keyboard can only be felt on the latter Apple product. Therefore, iPad Pro can best suit the needs of a artists, engineer or those professionals that use Apple Pencil more often. While the MacBook is best for writers, editors, bloggers and any kind of task that requires a keyboard.


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