Katy Perry Finally Confirms Feud With Taylor Swift; Ready To Make Amends

After years of dodging questions, Katy Perry has finally confirmed her feud with Taylor Swift. The two stars have been reportedly at it for a long time and Perry reveals it’s time to put a stop to it.

Katy Perry Says Taylor Swift Started It All

News of bad blood between pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been swarming for almost three years. The speculations have been finally put to rest after Perry admitted that it was indeed true. She appeared on the primetime special with James Corden and revealed that Swift allegedly started the whole thing.

She explained that at first, Perry attempted to talk it out with Swift to get things straight. However, the “Shake It Off” singer did not want to speak to her, prompting the feud to drag on. The two singers have never openly talked about or confirmed the feud but fans and media can clearly see that they have been at it for years, discreetly throwing jabs at each other on social media. Swift low-key confirmed a feud when she admitted before that her 2015 song, “Bad Blood” was a song about another female singer.

Katy Perry Says Taylor Swift Should End The Feud

Perry, who finally let the cat out of the bag, said that she felt that Swift should be the one to the end it since she was the one who started it. The “Fireworks” singer has opened up saying that for many years, she always wondered whether they were friends or not. She added that it confused her because Swift would approach her during awards shows to say something then simply walk away.

Swift explained before that the artist she was referring to in her “Bad Blood” song actually did something horrible. Apparently, it wasn’t about a guy but strictly business. According to Swift, that female artist tried to sabotage her arena tour by hiring some people to come at her. Perry has revealed though that she want to let bygones be bygones and expressed that she’d want to make up with Swift because music artists should be unified.

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