Here's A Skydiving Video Ad That Nintendo Failed To Make For Switch

Nintendo has already provided some interesting ads and promotions, especially on its Switch system console. For the record, its Super Bowl ad and the appearance on The Tonight Show previously surpass the Wii U in how diverse the console's advertising has been. Today, the new commercial for the Switch shows a gamer jumping out of a plane while playing his portable console.

Nintendo Switch Skydiving Video Ad

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational company known for keeping things weird, especially on their consoles. The Nintendo Switch is now on its top spot again because of a released mock ad from the Russian YouTube channel Юзя. The title of the video is "Banana Switch" and it's already confirmed that they are not related to any branch or office of Nintendo, as reported by Mic.

The video ad is captured through a series of first-person action camera angles. It shows two globetrotting adventurers traverse a number of various environments all while playing the Nintendo Switch. From building to hallways, roofs to trains, then jumping out of an airplane, all adventures are seen in one video.

As reported by The Verge, the duo main characters on the Switch ad show off the "play anywhere" motto of Nintendo on its latest system console. The video is very interesting and has a lot better things in it rather than Nintendo could have ever imagined. There is also another character that is pretending to be a Donkey Kong character and persuading the two human to play more.

Other Features Of The Ad

The new ad is, indeed, a very strange project, but also a mesmerizing and superbly shot video. In fact, it even features some songs from the San Francisco-based producer Grimecraf.

The whole package is the classification of outlandish marketing that can stunt Nintendo. As of now, the Japanese firm doesn't have any comment about it.


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