'Injustice 2' Continues To Rake Impressive Reviews

Prior to its release, there is no doubt that Injustice 2 is among the most highly anticipated titles. After all, the hype and momentum the developers of the game built were simply fascinating. This why the game's reviews have been very impressive so far.

According to Geek, Injustice 2 has remarkably set the bar higher for all fighting game stories. It offers features that perfectly fit with the game's aesthetics. Add to this the likable roster of character it has, let alone the interesting story they each offer.

The publication suggests that what makes the title as mentioned earlier unique is the way developer NetherRealm Studios developed the single-player mode. Basically, the latter offers a vast array of options, one that is very unlikely with other titles of the same genre. Because the truth is, most games do not offer an option for flexibility, unlike this DC-inspired iteration.

WCCFTech, on the other hand, applauds the story mode of Injustice 2. That it even surpassed the original game's, making it an impressive addition. All the cutscenes, in particular, are quite vivid and detailed. Judging by the way it looks, the game itself could fool people into thinking it is a new movie.

Add to this the changes the developers did on each of the characters in Injustice 2. Their faces and emotions all look accurate and, more importantly, believable. They adjust according to the present situation. NetherRealm has created a fighting game that is just more than a, well, fighting game. It completely went off the charts, making it one of the most successful titles of this year.

A.V Club notes that Injustice 2 follows a story beyond what the original title offered. Here, it finds Batman forming a brand new team of resistance warriors in hopes to take down the fascist Superman. In the game, the Man of Steel, along with his compatriots, are either on the run or in prison.

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