'Far Cry 5' Might Include Bonus Content For PlayStation Players

The Far Cry 5 official key artwork has finally been revealed featuring some of the characters that will make it into the game. Similarly, there seems to be a hint that PlayStation players might be getting some bonus content.

Far Cry 5 Key Art Revealed

According to DualShockers, Ubisoft has released the official key art for its upcoming game which officially confirmed its theme. Previously, the company confirmed that the series was in Hope County, Montana and it released four teasers showcasing the various landscapes in the locality.

The new key art features what seems to be the villain in the depiction of The Last Supper of Jesus Christ. There is a church visible in the background with a prisoner kneeling on the ground with the word "sinner" tattooed on his back. Judging by the other religious elements like the bread and "holy grail," it seems like there will be a religious cult theme going on.

Game To Include Exclusive PlayStation Content?

Incidentally, the game might be getting some bonus content on the PlayStation platform. The previous teaser showcasing Hope County, Montana was only available through Ubisoft's US YouTube account or PlayStation's European account. Each teaser also came with an explicit PlayStation branding.

While the game's official site listed PC, Xbox One and PS4 as the platforms, there is a chance that Ubisoft might have struck a deal with Sony, as per Comicbook.com. There have been other games lately that have been releasing specific content on the said platform like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, and Destiny. With this it mind, it might seem likely that the game is following their example.

However, Ubisoft has yet to confirm this nor share any further details about its upcoming game. Fans will just have to wait for more news regarding Far Cry 5 and its content.

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