'Final Fantasy XV': Vote For Future Content In The Latest Patch

The latest major Final Fantasy XV patch has gone live with a few new features to keep fans entertained. In line with this, Square Enix has even added a way for players to vote for future content from within the game.

New Content In Final Fantasy XV

According to GameSpot, one of the newest features coming to the game is a new cuisine option, Stinky Tofu with a Mellow Flavor. Incidentally, this specific item made its way to the menu following a survey in Taiwan where fans specifically requested for it. The tofu itself has a bad odor that can be smelled from a distance so it should make for an interesting meal in the game.

That aside, Square Enix has also resolved the bug wherein the game would close in some situations whenever players would visit the Timed Quests rankings screen. The latest patch also features the winning photography in the 2nd Snapshot Contest. Players can find this displayed at the restaurant in Hammerhead.

Vote For Future Features With Updated Survey

Finally, GearNuke shares that the patch adds yet another survey that requests for fan feedback. Here, they can vote for possible upcoming features in the game. The survey contains a list of options for playable characters, new story content for the World of Ruin, Cor, Luna and even Ardyn's Past.

Needless to say, it seems like Square Enix will plan to create future content based on the results. However, it also seems likely that it will eventually tie in all of these content into the game in the near future. It is still unsure if these new features will be tied into the game as a free update, similar to Chapter 13, or it will be a paid DLC title altogether.

For now, fans will just have to wait for further news from Square Enix. Those who want to play Final Fantasy XV can get a copy for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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