'Friday The 13th' Suffers From Major Problems On Launch Day

Friday the 13th has stumbled across various problems and bugs during launch as it struggled to accommodate all of the new players. The developers have responded to the issue and posted a reply on their Kickstarter page.

Friday The 13th Launch Issues

According to GameTransfers, the highly-anticipated horror game finally went live on Friday, but it seems like the launch had not gone as smoothly as planned. Within the first few hours, many players complained about the many problems on the server that included both crashes and serious bugs that plagued the game. Other fans also noted how they could not connect to the servers and the reduced stability of the game.

The game also suffered from technical graphics issues and appeared to have some mechanics and skills that seem extremely unbalanced. Similarly, two DLC items, Savini Jason Skin and Counselor Clothing Pack, do not appear in the game despite players having already redeemed the code. In the case of PS4 players, the console would indicate that their code was 'inactive." However, this part lies with Sony as it must still validate the code.

Developers Respond To Complaints From Fans

Luckily, the developers are already working on a patch to solve the DLC issue. In line with this, GameSpot shares that they posted a message on their Kickstarter page acknowledging the various complaints they received from fans. They stated that the servers should already be up, but there would be a chance of downtime as they manage server load and launch new servers to meet the demand.

The message also specifically noted that they would be releasing more servers in Europe and Australia as there is more demand in those areas. The servers that also handle player progression are being upgraded so levels may not display properly until then. Those who want to play Friday the 13th can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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