'Monster Hunter XX' For Switch Supports 3DS Crossplay And More

Monter Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch will have cross-play availability with the 3DS. Meanwhile, Capcom has shared a hardware bundle for the game.

The Monster Hunter Switch announcement took everyone by surprise and created all sorts of hype. In line with this, the developer released a new video showing off some of the newest features that would make the port. PVP Live states that one of the main highlights will be the cross-play feature that allows both Switch and 3DS fans to play together.

The Switch version will also be highly polished as it supports 720p undocked and 1080p on the big screen. The game will be arriving in Japan first with no current word on localization as of now. The retail version will sell for ¥5,800 ($52) while a digital copy comes slightly cheaper at ¥5,546. ($49.82).

Incidentally, Niche Gamer shares that Capcom will also be releasing a special bundle of Monster Hunter XX and system. While there is no special design, the dock will come with an emblazoned Monster Hunter design. This particular unit will cost ¥36,280 ($325).

The 3DS version of the game has already been released in Japan with still no current word on its localization. The said version managed to sell over 1.7 million copies in Japan alone but is still short of the two million units goal. With the addition of the Switch version, it is more than likely that the sales number will significantly increase.

Fittingly enough, this is also another great way to promote the hybrid console as the unit still has an empty library. With this port in mind, there could be a chance that Capcom might port the next mainline installment on the Switch as well.

For now, fans will just have to wait for localization news. Those who are in Japan can pick up Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 25.

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