Unintended Reinhardt Nerf To Be Fixed, Says 'Overwatch' Developer

Overwatch fans are currently experiencing the latest seasonal event for the team-based shooter. The Anniversary event offers new game modes, a large variety of cosmetic items, and new skins. However, the update does not only bring about the great things about the team-based shooter, but also a new bug that affects one of the heroes. According to reports, the unintentional nerf has affected Reinhardt and his attacks.

Fans who noticed the apparently unintended nerf for Reinhardt posted their findings on the Overwatch subreddit. Thankfully, as expected, the development team has acknowledged the issue and confirmed that they will work on a fix ASAP. Game Rant reports that the latest patch has affected the character's hammer attack. The update causes the game to only register a hit from the hammer after a full swing motion is completed. Unlike before where the hammer automatically hits opponents mid-swing, thereby affecting Reinhardt's damage potential.

Despite the issue with Reinhardt's accidental nerf, the Overwatch Anniversary event has been warmly welcomed by fans. The development team has not shared an estimated timeframe for the fix to come out. It is speculated that a new smaller patch might be pushed out very soon to remedy the bug that has affected the team-based shooter's first anchor tank. Others believe that Blizzard Entertainment might release the fix together with its next major update.

Its fans have always appreciated the Overwatch development team for their speedy response to glaring issues, so most players are not even worried about the Reinhardt bug being neglected. According to GQ, the developers were able to create a game where players are rewarded for great teamwork. In fact, even if individual player highlights are featured post-match, most gamers still appreciate the team's effort as a whole instead.

Moreover, Jeff Kaplan has reportedly hinted that a new hero announcement is "on the horizon." Overwatch players can also expect the developers to address the Reinhardt bug along with the new update. The character has been a crucial pick for most players who want a balanced composition of teams. For now, players can continue to enjoy the Anniversary event and its new loot until Blizzard makes an official announcement.

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