Exotic Weapon Rarity In 'Destiny 2' Detailed By Dev

It was previously hinted that Bungie wanted players to have an experience wherein a player's unique gear will get others envious. It seems that this was its original intention before Destiny was released. The idea was to obviously make it appear that exotic weapons and gear are randomly awarded to players who spend more time on the game. Therefore, with Destiny 2, new players might be wondering about the sci-fi shooter's rarity drop rate.

As veteran players invest more time into the game, it eventually dawned on them that exotic weapons and gear are not really that hard to come by. According to Game Rant, Destiny 2 might emulate the same rarity system, where a determined player can eventually earn exotic items. However, it is worth noting that the Year 1 Vex Mythoclast and Gjallarhorn continue to be very hard to come by even this far into Destiny's lifespan.

Mark Noseworthy, Project Lead for Destiny 2, was able to answer some questions about weapon rarity in the sequel. Without divulging too much about the system, he claims that the sequel will feature a more balanced exotic weapon and gear drop compared to its predecessor. Noseworthy said "somewhere in the middle" after he talked about veteran players and their experience with the year 1 Gjallarhorn. He also acknowledged that the Taken King expansion also rewarded players due to their determination with the Sleeper Simulant.

It appears that the developers want to continue the idea where all players have an equal chance to earn exotic weapons and armor. Bungie apparently does not want it to seem like only top-level players with thousands of hours into the game deserve exotics. The item rarity in Destiny 2 is expected to be fair. The developer obviously wants "everyone to have that experience," says Segment Next. Noseworthy claims that they are going to "democratize exotics a little bit more" but there will still be other stuff that "are hard to get and will be highly sought after."

Bungie obviously seems to have learned a lot from the previous title as far as exotic weapon and armor rarity goes. Destiny 2 players will most likely have more opportunities to earn rare items courtesy of the new Adventures and Lost Sectors side missions. Hopefully, the Three of Coins will also make a comeback in the sequel.

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