'Overwatch' Anniversary Event Details: New Skins And More

Overwatch is set to celebrate its first year anniversary with a new limited time event. A PlayStation Store leak reportedly revealed that the team-based shooter is set to receive new loot boxes along with new items. According to some fans, Jeff Kaplan even posted a reply on the game's official forums to confirm new skins for Hanzo and Symmetra will be included. The event is expected to run for three weeks just like the ones before it.

Fans are expected to encounter issues when they attempt to connect to the Overwatch servers as many users are projected to play the game. Game Rant also notes that gamers will want to play as much as they can in order to collect the new cosmetic items from the anniversary event loot boxes. Meanwhile, fans are reportedly trying to understand the theme surrounding the new skins. Unlike previous events which followed a certain design approach, the current event's unique skins are suspected to be more of a "concept art" theme.

Blizzard continues to please its Overwatch fan base through their stellar after-market content support and the developer's interaction with their fans. According to reports, a fan posted a query on the official forums to verify if certain characters will be getting new skins during the anniversary event. Sources confirmed that Jeff Kaplan himself replied to the post saying, "we got you fam." Gestures like these are obviously loved by fans and make them appreciate development team even more.

According to the Express, the anniversary event update for Overwatch also delivers the rumored new maps. These maps will be available for 1v1 and 3v3 elimination game modes. The first one is called Black Forest and is set in outskirts of the Eichenwalde map. The next one is Castillo and is described as an old fort and is also known as Sombra's hacking hangout. The Last new map is Necropolis and is supposedly Ana Amari's personal hideout.

The second season of Overwatch is expected to start right after the anniversary event ends. Sources have confirmed that the developer is set to bring back the fan-favorite animated shorts. The developer has also hinted that it will share more background stories for its other heroes. Fans have been expecting a new animated short for a while now. The most recent one that showcased Sombra was released last year during Blizzcon.

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