Game-Changing 'Far Cry 5' Details And Features That Gamers Missed

Ubisoft has definitely drawn the interest of fans as it brings the world of Far Cry into the U.S. The previous installments took gamers on a journey to grasslands, tropical islands, mountains, and back to the prehistoric ages. Prior to the reveal of the Far Cry 5 trailers, rumors had gamers believe that the game might be western-themed, but a supposed leak claimed it would be set in a rural town somewhere in Montana. It appears the leak was right about a couple of things.

Reports have indicated that Far Cry 5 aims to change-up the FPS series. Back when Far Cry 4 was released, it received criticism for not doing enough to differentiate it from its predecessor. Game Rant believes Ubisoft has taken all the fan feedback it received from the last few installments of the franchise and plans to drive the newest game forward with some new features.

More Than One Main Villain

The past few installments of Far Cry have undoubtedly introduced a cast of memorable bad guys. These characters were villains that gamers loved to hate but found amusing through their unique personalities and awkward relationship with the games' protagonists. According to reports, Far Cry 5 is set to feature four main villains that are key members of the religious cult players will be fighting against. Ubisoft's Dan Hay has apparently acknowledged that the new game will have more than one baddie for players to contend with.

Players Can Design Their Own Protagonist

Unlike previous Far Cry games that have a preset main hero, Far Cry 5 will be the first one in the series to allow players come up with their own main character. Instead of having a specific identity like the older games, players can now choose their own race and gender, as reported by Forbes. Additionally, Ubisoft hinted that the players can edit facial appearance, hair, and more. Although this feature has been offered by other titles from other publishers, it would the first time for the French developer to implement it to Far Cry.

Co-op Multiplayer Throughout The Story Campaign

Far Cry 5 and its story campaign will allow for a co-op multiplayer experience. Reports claim that the developer confirmed this new feature, but it will not be a local affair. It seems that gamers would need to connect online in order to enjoy this new feature together with a friend.

Before the Far Cry 5 trailers were officially revealed, rumors have already speculated that the live-action video game trailer being shot in Montana was for a Ubisoft title. The developer has yet to reveal more details about its other upcoming games and E3 2017 looks to be the venue for everything else. Far Cry 5 is slated for release next year on Feb 27, 2018, for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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