'Tekken 7' Tournament Player Reports Lag On Higher Resolution

A fighting game tournament held last weekend featured the console version of Tekken 7 for the first time in competitive play. Combo break 2017 took place in Illinois and featured other well-known fighting games such Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2, Street Fighter V, and more. According to reports, a competitor apparently took issue with Bandai Namco's fighting game display resolution.

The complaint supposedly happened right after an intense Tekken 7 match featuring Tanukana as Xiaoyu and KoDee as Kazuya, which resulted in a loss for the latter. Game Rant claims that the losing player returned to the PlayStation 4 home screen to check the current display resolution settings on the unit. It was noted that he made some changes to the settings and continued with the set against Tanukana. It was noted that KoDee was able to win one round against his opponent after he toggled the settings.

Ultimately, he lost the entire set, but it seems that it was not the end of the debate. According to top-tier Tekken players, the games have always performed better on 720p compared to 1080p. It appears that the fighting game suffers some lag when the display resolution is set to full-HD. According to KoDee's actions after the first set, he seems to believe that Tekken 7 also has the same issue with lag on higher display resolutions, reports Kotaku.

Afterward, KoDee reportedly posted a follow-up message on Twitter. He claims that it was his loss and does not blame the resolution lag for what happened. However, he also pointed out that other Tekken 7 players who competed in the tournament were able to note the alleged lag during some of their matches. According to sources, these players all seem to agree that the full-HD resolution setting caused the problem.

Fighting game enthusiasts have waited a long time for Tekken 7 to arrive on consoles since it was released for arcades way back in 2015. The series has always featured a solid character roster for each of its previous installments, but an outcry from animal activists forced the developer to remove its popular kangaroo fighter Roger Jr. The Bandai Namco's fighting game is scheduled for a June 2 release for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

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