Square Enix Holds Off Details About 'Dragon Quest XI' On Switch

Dragon Quest XI is one of the major titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, Square Enix continues to stay quiet about any updates for the hybrid console version.

Dragon Quest XI On Nintendo Switch

The upcoming Dragon Quest will be released for the PS4 and 3DS on July 29, but Square Enix has yet to share any details about the Nintendo Switch version. Strangely enough, series creator Yuji Horii had already confirmed that the game would be making its way to Nintendo's new home console. Now, however, he has been awfully quiet about the said version.

According to Gematsu, producer Yosuke Saito briefly addressed the game during a recent live stream. There, he claimed that they have nothing to say about the Nintendo Switch version. He will reveal more information when there is something to actually announce.

He then added that the reason he could not share any new details was due to "circumstances of adults," as per Nintendo Life. Horii followed up stating that the "various circumstances" meant they could not share more about the game on stage.

Possible Reasons Behind Lack Of Information

This controversial statement raises a lot of questions regarding the development of the game on the Switch. While nothing has been officially confirmed, Square Enix might be focusing on the 3DS version for more commercial success. Attending to both the Switch and 3DS might hurt the latter version in the long run.

On the other hand, Nintendo might personally be the ones to reveal more information this coming E3. It could be trying to keep it out of sight for maximum impact when it finally reveals more information about the version.

For now, fans will have have to wait for further news about the Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Switch version. The game will officially launch first in Japan with two versions.

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