Nintendo Eyes Increased Switch Production Before Holidays

Market experts have reported that Nintendo has taken extra measures to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. It seems that the firm is set to dial-up its production of the Nintendo Switch. The new platform continues to sell-out almost immediately as retailers can hardly hold on to their inventories due to the device's popularity. Meanwhile, other reports have indicated that Nintendo has denied the news of an increase in production for the Switch.

Nintendo says that it just wants to meet its original projected numbers of 10 million Nintendo Switch units shipped for the financial year. On the other hand, sales numbers have already indicated that the new game system has already outpaced the Nintendo Wii in the same timeframe, reports Game Rant. Even if Nintendo denies the increased production, it is evident that the demand for the Switch is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Retailers have previously reported that restocks of the Nintendo Switch do not even last a few hours. The Verge reports that the gaming company had already set its production numbers to 16 million units due to its popularity. However, an increased demand for the Switch has reportedly forced Nintendo to produce at least 18 million consoles instead to prepare for the holiday season this year.

For a regular consumer, it is ideal for Nintendo to increase its production targets for the highly-successful Nintendo Switch. Last year, the gaming company was reportedly criticized for its poor handling of restocks for the NES Classic Edition, which continued to sell out and left most consumers empty-handed even after the holidays. A sudden change in its production targets is also expected to generate supply problems for Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch's popularity continues to go up as more third-party publishers have confirmed their partnership with Nintendo. Just recently, Capcom announced that it will release Monster Hunter XX for the switch. Industry analysts reported an increase in share prices for Nintendo after Capcom's announcement. Perhaps increasing its production targets might be a solid move for the company to prepare for the holiday season.

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