'Injustice 2' Red Hood DLC Trailer Teases Release Date

The first batch of Injustice 2 DLC characters begins with Red Hood who specializes in guns and close combat. The new trailer showcases his various skills and also teases when he will be released.

According to PVP Live, Red Hood officially made his debut in a new trailer featured at Combo Breaker. This character is assumed to be Jason Todd who is back from the dead. His playstyle seems to focus around Gun-Fu that combines both melee attacks and his iconic dual pistols to dish out some major damage.

Aside from his guns, Red Hood seems to also have access to some sort of taser gloves that can add damage to his melee moves. On the other hand, his ultimate attack involves a lot of flashes grenades and bullets before detonating his opponent with a sticky grenade. Because of his zoning fighting style, some fans have been concerned that he might be another hard to approach character similar to Deadshot.

Jason Todd was originally the second Robin before dying at the hands of Joker. It is still unclear to what history this Red Hood has but fans will find out soon from the pre-fight banter he will share with characters like Batman and Joker.

The trailer also states that he will be arriving in June while the rest of the DLC fighters will be releasing soon. VG247 reports that the other two fighters in the first pack are Starfire, who is iconic for her role in Teen Titans, and Mortal Kombat fighter, Sub-Zero. NetherRealm has yet to announce when they will release their respective trailers but it does not seem too long now.

The game also has a few more Fighter Packs coming soon that feature more iconic characters. Fans will have to wait for more information on just who these heroes or villains will be. Injustice 2 is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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