'Vikings' Season 5 Release Date And Spoilers: Executive Producer Confirms Late 2017 Premiere; Sigurd Snake Eye's Death Being Questioned

"Vikings" Season 5 has already wrapped up filming its 20 episodes but only a few details has been revealed about the new installment. Although spoilers based on the show's official trailer were shared online, the lack of updates opened the window to speculation and fan theories where the latest had Sigurd's death in question.

Executive Producer Morgan O'Sullivan has shared a few details about "Vikings" season 5 as he and his team celebrate another Irish t.v. award. Morgan announced that the filming of the new 20 episodes was finalized last May 8 and revealed how "ferocious" the year-long shooting has been for their team. The EP has however kept mum about when "Vikings" will return on History but talks are rife that season 5 will kick off in fall.

Morgan O'Sullivan talked about other facets of the hit History series, but no teasers were dropped on what fans can expect when "Vikings" returns. As the new installment remains well-guarded, numerous fan theories are popping out to fill in the blanks on "Vikings" season 5's plot.

"Vikings" Season 5 is said to pick up from the events where the previous installment left off which was confirmed by the trailer previously released by History. The promo starts with a funeral which can be assumed to be Sigurd Snake Eye's as it can be recalled that he was axed to death by his brother Ivar during their heated confrontation.

However, a new fan theory is currently creating a hype as the speculation claims that Sigurd is still alive. While many fans reacted that the claim seems far-fetched as the trailer was clear that Sigurd is already dead, the originator was quick to defend that the funeral might be fake. The fan also pointed out the events recorded in history that Sigurd, in real life, was married to Blaeja and had four children after he and his brothers avenged Ragnar's death.

While the theory can have a solid basis, some fans pointed out that "Vikings" was created for entertainment and might not follow the real events that happened in history. Morgan O' Sullivan also confirmed the fact that while they try to follow the real Vikings history, there are no written records of their story. He has however assured that the "Vikings" episodes released on History were researched and were made to spark curiosity on facts among fans.

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