'Vikings' Season 5: Margarethe Becomes Lagertha's Ally While Harald Stands As Her Biggest Enemy

"Vikings" season 5 will still feature the thirst for power of the characters, where Lagertha will get herself a big nemesis who will try to steal her throne. The shieldmaiden though is appointing a new warrior that will help her protect her position. With Margarethe's oath to be at Lagertha's side, it seems that Ubbe will have to switch to her party as well.

"Vikings" season 5 might yield its focus to the lives of Ragnar's sons, but Lagertha remains to be a force that they have to reckon. However, the latest spoilers claim that the Lothbrok brothers might not be the only ones that Lagertha has to be worried about, as the eagerness of Harald to take her throne might be dangerous than the retaliating brothers.

The preview of the new season of "Vikings" gave fans a peek at the lives of the characters after Ragnar's death. Lagertha remains seated on her throne, while Harald can be seen wearing a crown. Speculations suggest that he will succeed in taking over Lagertha's throne. Although, it might not be a simple battle as the latter is reportedly forming an alliance with new forces.

With Lagertha determined to hold on to her reign over Kattegat, she will be gathering supporters for her benefit. According to spoilers, Lagertha is eyeing on making Margarethe her new shieldmaiden. It is then logical why the promo showed Ubbe seemingly getting cozy around Lagertha. Although there might be a slight chance that he is there because of Margarethe, a theory was formed that he will take the chance to put Lagertha's life to an end.

Torvi, the former second spouse of Earl Borg, was reportedly joining Lagertha's army. Apparently, Torvi survived the attack of Egil and returns tougher than she used to be. She is now second-in-command to Lagertha in ruling over Kattegat.

While there are characters progressing in their positions, Astrid, who serves as Lagertha's lover, seems to be missing. Her fate in the hands of Lagertha remains to be seen as "Vikings" season 5 premieres later this year.

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