‘For Honor’ Releases Big Update To Punish Rage Quitters, Fixes Bugs, But Creates New Glitches

It seems that Ubisoft's patience is running out. The game developer is set to release a big For Honor update that will punish rage quitters. However, there are rumors indicating that a patch that is supposed to fix some bugs, has spawned new glitches that could hamper the gameplay.

A Punishment System Will Affect Rage Quitters

Recent developments in Ubisoft suggest that the game developer's upcoming patch will introduce a penalty system for gamers who abruptly quit their multiplayer matches just because they are losing. Apparently, this system will be introduced very soon, and it will affect PC users initially. But it will be applied later to Xbox One and PS4 users as well.

Incidentally, Ubisoft also released earlier an emergency fix for a one hit kill exploit that some gamers have discovered and have taken advantage of. Basically, it tricks For Honor by rewarding a player huge damage points when he seems to be attacking an opponent from above. The emergency fix seems to have solved the problem.

The Emergency Patch Created Its Own Glitches

However, it was found out that the For Honor emergency patch created new glitches. And apparently, Ubisoft decided not to do anything against this glitch because of some considerations. Some observers believe that the patch that punishes rage quitters might also include the fix for this new issue.

Additionally, a Reddit post about the For Honor update suggests that this patch will also fix an issue with rewards and introduce new color blind options. And since Ubisoft claims that this is a big update, other gamers speculate that a fix for the reflex guard bug that activates in the wrong direction will be corrected.

Fans should be aware that these are just speculations. But they can expect that Ubisoft will share the full patch notes as soon as the update is launched. For Honor is currently playable on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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