‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News: Upcoming Events And Competitions Announced

It seems there is no rest for Pokemon Sun and Moon fans as far as upcoming events and competitions are concerned. Game Freak has scheduled such events almost the whole year round. Fans are equally happy to join because of the rewards and points that they can earn.

For Pokemon Sun and Moon fans out there, here are the upcoming events and competitions that Game Freak has lined up for next month.

Seventh 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Global Mission Has Started

The seventh Global Mission of Pokemon Sun and Moon has already started. Trainers are required to fish Pokemon at designated fishing spots. The goal is to catch 500,000 Pokemon. They will be rewarded with 2,000 FC if they succeed. However, if they fail to reach the goal, only 200 FC will be given. Players are still encouraged to reach the mark before the closing hours of June 13.

Catch Small Pokemon In Tiny Tourney

This is an online competition that requires Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers to build their best team using small Pokemon only. The monsters' height must not be more than 1 meter (3' 03"). Once trainers have assembled their teams, they are required to enter them into the Tiny Tourney online competition to battle with other teams. Winners of the competition will receive Lopunnite, Gardevoirite and Galladite Mega Stones.

A Brand New Competition On 'Pokemon Shuffle' Has Started

There's a new a new competition that has already started on Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. This is another Pokemon Sun and Moon competition where trainers can earn treats and rewards. The special Ultra Challenge stage has already started for Solgaleo which ends on June 13. Another competition, the High-Speed Challenge stage, is also ongoing and will also end on June 13. Trainers are required to download version 1.4.14 of the video game to enter the tournament.

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