‘For Honor’ Patch 1.07 For Release; New Changes To Make Leveling Up Easier And Faster

Ubisoft is set to release For Honor Patch 1.07. This patch will have a significant impact on how players will progress through the game. Will it be good for avid players of the game or will it be bad?

The game publisher of For Honor claims that Patch 1.07 will make progression easier and faster. In other words, it will be easier for gamers to upgrade their gears and improve their levels faster. As such, this upcoming patch will change the players' gaining experience.

In addition, Patch 1.07 of For Honor will also come with character balance as well as other changes that will improve the gaming experience of players. These changes will take effect on all platforms once the patch is released. The patch is set for release on May 16, 8 a.m. ET.

With this patch and depending on the game mode, players will be receiving from 20 to 100 more experience points for every completed match. Moreover, the amount of steel required to upgrade gear items was lowered. At the same time, a new Epic rarity of gear has been added to enable gamers to earn points in crates after every match.

Ubisoft admitted that its data showed gamers are having a difficult time increasing the levels of their new heroes. Additionally, they are not able to craft gears early on in their games, while they have excess crafting materials at higher levels. The game developer sought to correct this imbalance by changing the cost of crafting material and steel. Values of all gear were revamped to reflect these changes. It also enabled salvaging value for gear.

With these changes, Ubisoft hopes to "offer a smoother curve while keeping higher level gear a long term goal for high-level players." The new For Honor Patch 1.07 also comes with a ton of bug fixes along with changes to Raider and Peacekeeper. Also included in the May 16 patch release is Season 2 of the video game's Centurion and Shinobi heroes plus the Faction War meta-game.

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