'Overwatch' PTR Update Nerfs Roadhog, Frustrates Players

Like any other games, Blizzard is also making sure that the character roster in Overwatch is well-balanced. This is why the studio recently released an update, introducing a couple of changes to some of the game's titular heroes. Unfortunately, though, not all fans were pleased with these changes.

According to Polygon, the studio just unleashed a new Overwatch update on the game's Public Test Region (PTR). Apparently, the changes the update brought nerfed one of the titular heroes of the game - Roadhog. While many are still pleased with the update the video game company brought, some of the fans were simply not.

Basically, the aforementioned update made the hero's scrap gun weapon a bit faster now (30 percent rate). Though this is a not-so-significant change, he is still taking less damage at around 33 percent. However, his clip-size gun now gets a huge boost, as it is taking five rounds instead of the usual four.

Blizzard said that this is its way of making Roadhog a less powerful hero in Overwatch. Its reason is to trim down the hero's capability of killing opponents quickly through a one-hit shot. The changes the developers made to his scrap gun noticeably reduced the power of his popular hook combo, along with his alternate fire burst damage. Despite all of these though, his DPS (damage per second) will be exactly the same.

On Reddit, players took their frustrations and discussed the changes the video game company did on Roadhog. The latter is loved due to his powerful killing capabilities despite being slow. Apparently, the changes made on his weapon's fire rate totally affect his overall rhythm to the game. This, in particular, is what frustrates the community, especially those who main him.

In related Overwatch news, Forbes reports that Blizzard has started teasing the next potential map to arrive in the official game servers. In fact, it has already been introduced to the public test region of the game, and it is called Horizon Lunar Colony. It is basically a 2CP map in which players will have to fight to secure all the control rooms as well as the airlock.

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