'Overwatch' Ana Has Been Causing Trouble In The Arcade Mode

The Overwatch hero Ana has been causing all sorts of trouble for players in the current Arcade mode because of her sleep ability. Meanwhile, fans are mourning after the latest Roadhog PTR changes.

Total Mayhem is nothing new for the Arcade mode as it has been featured a few occasions in the past. However, with the Anniversary event in full swing, many players have been taking advantage of the intense mode. Here, characters have double the normal amount of health, faster cooldowns for abilities and can access their ultimate attacks in seconds.

With this in mind, certain Overwatch characters have the edge over others, especially tanks and offensive heroes. Winston can continuously jump around the field while Pharah can forever float in the air. However, Kotaku shares that Ana has become a major problem during this type of game mode.

Her sleep dart ability can put enemies to sleep that lasts for a few seconds or until they are hit. In Tota Mayhem, Ana's cooldown has been significantly decreased giving her the potential to sleep one hero throughout the entire game. Most Ana players would lure their victim to the sidelines to avoid main fire where they can pull off the prank. While this may be frustrating for the opposing player, it is stunts like these that make Total Mayhem really feel like a laid-back Arcade mode.

That aside, Roadhog has just received a few nerfs in the PTR. Unfortunately, some players do not seem to be taking the news too well, as per Polygon. While his gun fire faster than before, it does 33 percent less damage. Some fans have claimed that the character feels more like a "fat reaper or Torbjorn" compared to a slow-moving character who deals major damage.

Others have even brought up the fact that heroes can now 1v1 him even if he manages to hook them. Keep in mind that these changes are still being tested so Blizzard might decide to make some changes, if ever. Overwatch is available to play on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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