'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Frieza Attracts Another Enemy From Universe 4

The ongoing Universe Survival Saga of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series continue to showcase interesting developments. The latest episode was just aired and it reveals a harder path for Team Universe 7.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 93 Recap

In the previous episodes and earlier updates, it was revealed that Frieza will be joining Team Universe 7 to replace Majin Buu, who has gone into a deep slumber for a couple of months. In “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 93, Goku finally reveals his plan to recruit Frieza. As expected, the team refuses adamantly but changed their minds when Whis told them that one universe had a mortal fighter that is stronger than the gods of destruction.

Meanwhile, Universe 6 is still busy with the new Saiyans’ training. After a few heated arguments between Caulifla and Jabba, Kale finally transforms into a Super Saiyan. However, unlike Cabba and Caulifla who did not need to rely on anger to transform, Kale’s transformation was triggered by her frustration towards the two. In addition, Super Saiyan Kale who looks like Broly somehow turns evil as she threatens to finish off Cabba.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 94 Spoilers And Updates

In “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 93, Goku finally pays Frieza a visit in hell and tells him about the Tournament of Power. After jokingly refuse to join, Frieza reveals his condition that if Universe 7 wins the tournament, Goku will use the dragon balls to resurrect him. Things between Frieza and Team Universe 7 has yet to be settled in the next episode.

It seems like as soon as Frieza came into the picture, things go sour for Team Universe 7. An official update was released last week revealing that Sidra will be going after Frieza to lower Universe 7’s chances of winning. The latest episode teases that Sidra has teamed up with Quitela, Universe 4’s god of destruction, and hired mysterious assassins to bring down Frieza.

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