Datamining Uncovers New 'Tekken 7' DLC Information

It has been barely a week since Tekken 7 was officially launched for consoles and the PC, but it has been reported that data miners have uncovered information about the fighting game's upcoming DLC content. According to sources, some of the newly discovered content includes a brand new game mode, extra costumes, and new meter-dependent guest characters. These are all suspected to be part of the game's post-launch DLC that could be revealed soon.

Guest Characters With Super Meters

The data mined information was apparently posted on the Zetaboards forum. As of now, Bandai Namco has not issued an official comment about the reported Tekken 7 DLC leaks. Gamepur reveals that the incoming guest characters already have some placeholder files included with the game. Based on further analysis, it is speculated that a few of the guest characters will use a meter element like Akuma and Eliza. Some gamers suspect that there might be more cameos from the Street Fighter universe coming to the latest Tekken Sequel. Additionally, it has been rumored that Kazuma Kiryu from SEGA's Yakuza series could be one of the new guest characters. He was voted as one of the top characters fans want to see in the game.

Swimsuits & Crossover Costumes

The Tekken 7 datamining also confirmed that there might be more cosmetic items incoming in a future DLC update. PlayStation Universe claims that there might be new swimsuits and school uniforms coming soon via an update. Furthermore, the latest fighting game installment is set to receive some cosplay from Idol Master, which is one of Bandai Namco's more popular franchises. All of these incoming items are already available in the arcade version of the 3D fighter.

Tekken Bowl Comeback

Fans of the popular game mode will be glad to know that it is reportedly coming back to Tekken 7 as a $10 DLC game mode. The original Tekken Bowl was an extra game mode featured in Tekken Tag Tournament for the PlayStation 2.

Season Pass Content

Season Pass holders for Tekken 7 are still waiting for any updates from Bandai Namco. The developer has yet to confirm the final contents of the Season Pass, but they have already assured fans that past Tekken characters will be added for free in the future. The DLC updates are reportedly separated by batch. The first one is scheduled to arrive this summer, while the next ones in winter 2017 and finally in spring of 2018. The game has received positive reviews from most critics, which makes the game worth the wait for fighting game fans.

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