'League Of Legends' Caster Withdraws After Photo Scandal Leaks

Mitch Voorspoels is obviously a well-recognized name among the LOL community. According to gamers, Voorspels aka Krepo is considered as one of the top casters for the game. Therefore, a lot of fans and players were reportedly surprised to know of his absence from the European League of Legends Championship event. It was eventually discovered that this reason for non-attendance was caused by allegedly leaked private photos that he previously sent to an unidentified female contact.

The League of Legends caster posted a message on Twitter to confirm that he is stepping away from his public role for the meantime. Gamers are currently wondering if he will still be connected with Riot Games in the future, but it seems that he did share any information about that aspect for now. Game Rant also adds that the leaked photo controversy has obviously affected Krepo's game industry career. He has not confirmed any affiliation with the MOBA developer for the meantime until further notice.

Segment Next also reports that it is unfortunate for the League of Legends fans to lose a knowledgeable caster for its professional matches. Voorspoels was a former professional himself and competed together with various teams. He took part in the European CLG division and earned a third place ranking in the 2012 World Championship. He eventually retired from his Elements team back in April of 2015 and has worked as a caster since then.

Krepo apparently exited from his role as a League of Legends caster last month. It was apparently during the Mid-Season Invitational Event for 2017 when the explicit photos surfaced. He also confirmed that the decision to step away from the limelight was his own. Riot Games apparently supported him through the entire process.

Several of the caster's colleagues have poured out messages of support for the former League of Legends player. Apparently, his fans want him back to cast matches, but it remains to be seen if Krepo makes a return after his hiatus. Last March, Riot Games won a $10 million lawsuit against a hacking service company called known as LeagueSharp.

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