Bungie Shifts Focus On 'Destiny 2', No More Updates For Original Game

With Destiny 2 releasing in just a few months, players continue to enjoy the original game and its end-game offerings. Veteran players continue to voice out some of their suggestions regarding the game's balance and contents. However, Bungie has officially confirmed that all their resources and efforts will be directed toward the sequel. This obviously means that the current Destiny sandbox will stay as it is until further notice from the developer.

Bungie ha apparently acknowledged that there are still some areas for improvement involving the original games' balance and features. Reports have confirmed most players are asking the developers to fix some aspects of the games PVP game modes. Game Rant points out that Destiny players currently have no choice but to make do with its current build. It seems that it is all hands on deck to prepare for Destiny 2 until further notice.

That leaves PVP players to work with the current meta and discover workarounds to gain the upper hand against enemy teams. It appears that most of their complaints involve the Bungie's adjustment to special weapons and its ammo during respawn. This was apparently tweaked in order to encourage players to depend more on their primary weapons. It looks like the crucible will continue to see Guardians favoring side arms and other special weapons that regenerate ammunition over time. On the other hand, Destiny 2 will might have new mechanics to adapt to its new weapon system.

According to Polygon, Bungie used the phrase "our sole focus at this time" understandably referring to Destiny 2. However, their statement somehow leaves a hint that they might revisit the original game once the sequel has been launched and all of its kinks have been ironed out. Analysts have also observed that veteran Destiny players have taken the time to try out other games until the next installment arrives in September.

Fans of Bungie's sci-fi shooter are evidently excited for Destiny 2 and its new features. The developer has promised a more open-world sandbox this time around, together with some major improvements over its predecessor's in-game elements. Solo players or fire teams can enjoy the new PVE features like Lost Sectors and Adventures. Additionally, the developer has revamped the storytelling and showcases new subclasses for players to enjoy. The game is slated for a Sept. 8, 2017 launch for consoles, while its PC version comes out at a later date.

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