E3 2017: Highlights To Expect, Speculations, And More

Gamers are eagerly waiting one of this year's biggest game shows. E3 2017 is officially scheduled to run from June 10, 2017 until June 15, 2017. Major gaming companies have already scheduled their respective press conferences to grab everyone's full attention for what they have in store. The event is also reportedly open for the public to attend, which obviously means long lines and crowded event areas. The gaming community expects to hear big announcements from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and other gaming companies in attendance.

Microsoft's Project Scorpio Reveal

It's no longer a secret that Microsoft has intentionally kept everyone in the dark about its upcoming flagship game system. Fans were intentionally drip-fed with hardware specs, dev kit design, dev kit specs, and a dev kit video, while the final retail model design and features were kept under wraps. Project Scorpio will officially make its debut during the game show along with some of its new software. Tom's Guide also points out that there will not be a new Halo or Gears of War showcased at E3 2017, according to Phil Spencer. Microsoft is expected to have a couple of surprises on hand to compete with Sony's massive lineup of new software.

Sony Teases New IPs While Rumors Indicate A New Portable Game System

Industry analysts agree that Sony has been dominating the video game market for almost a year already. Gamers are expecting the Japanese gaming company to go all-out this E3 2017 with updated trailers and information about some of their new IPs like Detroit: Become Human, Days Gone, and the enigmatic Death Stranding. These games were highlighted during last year's E3 game show. Sony could also have some new PlayStation VR games, but rumors have speculated that they are working on a new portable gaming device to compete with the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch & New IPs

Gadgets 360 reports that Nintendo has opted to continue its tradition of not having a separate press conference for the E3 2017 game expo. Analysts expect the company flaunt new IPs for its Nintendo Switch platform as well as other portable devices. It is expected to reveal more third-party developers and their IPs coming to their flagship game system, which is expected after their recent announcement concerning the Switch's Unreal Engine 4 compatibility. Some speculations claim that they will officially announce the SNES Mini retro console as well as highlight its upcoming Super Mario Odyssey.

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