Overwatch Update: Translocator Bug Causes Sombra's Own Demise

Like any other games, Overwatch is also plagued with bugs and/or glitches from time to time. This is why Blizzard's developers are always on the lookout, making sure that everything works perfectly fine. However, there is a particular bug that seems to be a nightmare to the team; and so far, it is yet to be fixed.

According to PCGamesN, the issue basically affects Sombra's Translocator in Overwatch. Instead of being a huge help, it only causes the death of her. Unfortunately, the video game company has yet to find a solution to permanently fix it. As a result, the bug continues to wreak havoc especially to those who main this hero.

To give the community a better look-see, a GIF of the aforementioned character suffering from the bug has been uploaded. It can be seen in the official Reddit community of the game. Interestingly, it has attracted tons of players, with over 494 comments and 5,879 upvotes in just 24 hours. But of course, this is not a good thing.

Many believe that this bug started when Blizzard introduces the patch for the first-anniversary event of Overwatch. Apparently, it has been there since last month. Basically, enemies are able to attack the very space that Sombra uses to occupy whenever she does teleport to her translocator beacon. The damage it acquires then registers to her and, as a result, she dies without her knowing.

PVPLive points out that even the principal designer of Overwatch named Geoff Goodman was pinged about it. He and his team released a statement, suggesting that this bug was mainly a latency issue. He even went to explain that they tried to fix it a couple of times but is simply a hard one to remove.

This is really important for Blizzard and its team of developers to fix this underlying bug in Overwatch. After all, the fifth season of competitive matches is fast approaching. If they want to keep things at a natural pace, they need to fix the problem beforehand.

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