Battlefield 1 Servers Reportedly Went Down, Possible Cause Revealed

Just recently, the entire Battlefield 1 community was left wondering what could have happened to the game. That is because they were unable to log, with some having issues continuing their matches. It appears that the official servers of the game went down, opening the topic of what could have possibly gone wrong.

In the official Twitter account of EA Help (the support page of the company), they announced their awareness of the log-in issues affecting Battlefield 1. As a substantial move, the developers of the game are conducting an investigation in the search for the culprit. As of this writing, the studio has yet to release an official statement pertaining to it.

When the problem occurred, most players thought the connection issues had something to do with their own connectivity. They thought that it had nothing to do with the official servers at all. Apparently, they are wrong and the problem rooted directly from the server system.

Fortunately, Battlefield 1 developers have kept an open line communication when it comes to such situation. One epitome is the aforementioned social media page, which allows players to keep themselves updated. Mic also notes that one way to check if there is an issue with the game's servers is to go straight to DownDetector, a site that, as the name suggests, determines if whether or not a game or site is currently down.

With EA on the walk of resolving the connection issue, the servers of Battlefield 1 are expected to regain stability. And perhaps, the video game company will inform the community about it in the next few days to come.

In a related news, PVPLive reports that EA launched the Play to Give weekend for all Battlefield 1 players to join. It started last June 2 and ended June 4, with players having the chance to earn rewards just by logging into the game. They also had the chance to earn these simply by assisting their teammates and other various means that the studio deemed necessary.

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