‘Destiny 2’ Reveals Beta Plans, Release Date, Gameplay Details For E3 2017

The game publisher of Destiny 2 revealed that the title will play a big part of the PlayStation Experience in the upcoming E3 2017. It seems that a teaser trailer for the title will also be shown in the event. There are also some speculations that there will be some announcements regarding its beta plans and release date.

Fans Can Try Out The Game At E3 2017

Bungie has also revealed some details about Destiny 2's gameplay. A gameplay trailer also revealed the new modes, strikes, new planets and raids that will be added to the video game. The game developer also promised that fans will have their opportunity to try out the game's first mission on E3 2017. This particular mission begins with an attack on the last safe city on earth.

Here Are Some Beta Test Details And Release Date

Bungie also gave some hints about an open beta for Destiny 2 in its recently released FAQ. In other words, there might be a testing period for gamers who will not pre-order. However, those who will pre-order will be given first priority in the beta trials. It seems that the beta trials will only last for a short time. The beta game will be playable on all platforms during the trials, not just on Xbox One and PS4. There are also some rumors that the game will be released on Sept. 8. Bungie may confirm this date at E3 2017.

The Game's PvP Content Has Been Modified

With regards to Destiny 2's gameplay, Bungie said that the game's PvP content has been modified for teams with four players. Everyone can now play Raid and not just those who have accumulated massive fireteam experience. The 'Homecoming' gameplay will also be available. This is a quest featured in the original trailer.

There Will Be A New Solo Campaign

In addition, Destiny 2 will have a new solo campaign called "Red War." This campaign has more cinematics. Gamers will also be able to work on a mission with the help of some of the favorite NPC characters. A new strike will also be added to the game. This is "The Inverted Spire" where gamers will be transported to some of the new planets that were added to the game.

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