Amazon & GameStop Reveal New Trade-In Credit Feature

Two retail giants have joined forces to provide a new service for their customers. Reports confirmed that Amazon and GameStop have created a process wherein the latter's customers are allowed to convert their store credit into Amazon balance. The new partnership has yet to be officially announced by both companies, but it seems that a couple of employees leaked the new program ahead of its planned launch date of June 7, 2017.

Industry analysts claim that the GameStop and Amazon partnership is marketed to push digital sales. Moreover, the program is expected to also encourage more traffic into the physical shops, reports Game Rant. The official announcement given to store employees says, "the added store traffic driven by this program is sure to help increase digital sales and the potential for guests to purchase other products in your store."

The process is apparently easy to follow as reported by several sources. Customers log-in to their Amazon accounts and access their Amazon Cash barcode. Consumers have to option to toggle the barcode through their mobile devices or have them printed. Afterwards, they can take it with them to their Local GameStop and request to have their store credit transferred over to their Amazon account. It was also confirmed that account holders can use cash to load their accounts as well.

However, it seems the program only works one way. Amazon account holders can just use their GameStop credits to purchase items through Amazon's online store. Bleeding Cool News confirms that there is currently no way for users to use their transferred credits in any GameStop retail stores. It seems to encourage gamers to trade in their old games or consoles and have their credits transferred to their Amazon accounts to purchase other items.

Consumers are advised to wait for the official communication from GameStop or Amazon. Other sources claim that the program seems to put the video game merchant at a disadvantage, but until the full disclosure has been released it remains to be seen. The gaming retailer was also in the spotlight last month as speculation claimed that a branch leaked a t-shirt design showcasing the new Assassin's Creed Protagonist named Ba Yek.

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