'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 94 - 98 Spoilers: Frieza Betrays Universe 7; New Rule For Tournament Of Power Revealed

Official updates for “Dragon Ball Super” has been leaked and they reveal shocking development in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga. Major spoilers for the next five episodes were released, giving fans a hint of what to expect.

Team Universe 7 Gets Another New Warrior

The ongoing arc of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series revealed a sudden turn of events when Majin Buu suddenly fell into deep slumber. This predicament left Goku no choice but to revive and recruit Frieza for the Tournament of Power. However, the leaked updates for “Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 94 to 98 reveal that Frieza will betray Team Universe 7 and will instead join another team.

This twist brings back Universe 7 to the original problem where they lack one member before the dreaded tournament starts. The leaked update teases that Goku will have no choice but to recruit “him”. There was no indication as who the spoiler was referring to but fans are speculating that it could either be Majin Buu who probably miraculously wakes up from his supposedly two-month long sleep or Yamcha who have been seen pretty much in this arc though he was not recruited.

Tournament Of Power's New Rule Changes Game

Another revelation from the recently leaked updates is a new rule raised. It has been revealed that one of the rules in the upcoming Tournament of Power will change the game and most likely thwart the strategies of each participating universe. The grand priest announced that whoever falls off from the arena during the tournament will be automatically erased.

As things heat up, Team Universe 7 faces another challenge when Universe 11 devises a plan to defeat Goku and his team. The “Dragon Ball Super” leaked spoilers disclosed that the Tournament of Power will be divided into groups wherein Universe 11 has convinced some of the other teams to join them and eliminate Universe 7 first. This particular spoiler has proven speculations of Team Universe 7 being singled out because of their strong potential to win the tournament.

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