Selena Gomez Admits '13 Reasons Why' Is 'Hard To Swallow', Defends Show's Controversy

Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” may have ended and it is still gathering attention not just because it has attracted a huge number of viewers. The said show has been cloaked with controversy for showcasing a story that triggers serious dark matters. Selena Gomez has stepped up to reveal what she had to say about the criticisms.

The television series adaptation of “13 Reasons Why” made its debut on Netflix earlier this year and it was met with critical reviews. However, it gained more attention for depicting a story that centers on teen suicide, which is a sensitive matter. Singer Selena Gomez who co-produced the said show has stepped forward to address the controversy.

After appearing on “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” on Monday, Gomez shared how she felt about the criticisms that have swamped “13 Reasons Why” recently. She said that the matter depicted in the show is actually an issue that is happening every day, whether or not people wanted to see it. The singer pointed out though that she understood where the criticisms came from and she believed all the points raised were valid.

However, she further explained that the dark concept of the show, which tackles sexual assault, depression, drug use, and alcoholism are matters that are worth delving on. She explained that these are matters that young adults are exposed to nowadays and they should be talked about. She added that she knows that the concept of the show may be uncomfortable but she wants it to be an eye-opener for people to see what is happening in the real world and finally do something about it.

She then revealed that “13 Reasons Why” was actually discussed thoroughly by the producers. Brian Yorkey mentioned before that they debated for a long time about Hannah’s death. He also said that they worked with doctors during the production to show a real depiction of teenage suicide.

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