'For Honor' Is Experiencing The Same Downfall With 'The Division'

For Honor has been on a series of ups and downs lately, as it continues to go down in terms of player numbers. Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the game's player base has shed a great percentage. It is safe to say that the fighting-themed title is experiencing the same mess that The Division underwent.

According to Githyp, For Honor is seriously experiencing a drought on its player pool. Now, it has already shed around 95 percent of its player base on Steam. What's even worse? This number was quickly acquired in just a short period of time.

When the game was first launched, it did not really make a great impression. That is because it only managed to obtain around 45k concurrent players, as reported by PCGamer. While this can be a great figure to have, it is actually too far from the number it acquired when the beta first came out. During this time, the game had around 71k concurrent players.

Apparently, Ubisoft tried to smooth things out in For Honor. Tons of bugs and issues were fixed, along with new balance changes being introduced. In fact, a new season was introduced and brought new interesting stuff. Sadly, this did not do the trick entirely. Sure, the game's player might have slightly increased that time; however, it did not bring the game's redemption.

VG247 reports that this significant decrease in the player pool of For Honor can be related to the countless connection and/or server issues that the game experienced. These problems reportedly plagued the game during its first weeks, something that is not really acceptable especially for a newly released title.

It is also worth noting that one of the titles from Ubisoft went such ride, too. It is called The Division, though it lost around 93 percent player base. For Honor, on the other way, around is in a different position. That is because it happened in just a span of three months. Clearly, the studio needs to do something dramatic to bring the numbers up.

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